Giovanni Ciriello
Principal Investigator

Background: Computational Biology & Cancer Genomics
From: University of Padova, MSKCC (New York)
@ UNIL: Since April 2015

Franck Raynaud

Background: Physics / Complex Systems
From: Paris Diderot University / EPFL (Lausanne)
@ UNIL: Since July 2015

Elena Battistello
Ph.D. Student

Background: Molecular Biology
From: University of Padova
@ UNIL: Since August 2015

Marco Mina

Background: Computational Engineering
From: University of Padova, FBK (Trento)
@ UNIL: Since September 2015

Sadeq Saghafinia
Ph.D. Student

Background: Chemical Engineering
From: Sharif University of Technology / EPFL (Lausanne)
@ UNIL: Since September 2015

Daniele Tavernari
Ph.D. Student

Background: Applied Physics
From: University of Bologna
@ UNIL: Since March 2017

Marie Zufferey
Ph.D. Student

Background: Life Science / Bioinformatics
From: University of Lausanne
@ UNIL: Since July 2017

Yuanlong Liu

Background: Probability and Mathematical Statistics
From: University of Science and Technology of China, Paris Diderot University
@ UNIL: Since February 2018
Jonas Garessus (2017)